Thursday, 25 April 2013

another very hard goodbye...

I'm terribly sad to share with you the news that Midnight had passed away yesterday. She has been such an amazing rabbit to me, and I'm sure she's been awesome to her sister Charcoal too.

She was......

 a "full of surprises" girl

one who liked to spring clean by the daffodils

quite the mischievous girl who snuck around in various places - the evidence was always on the nose! 

a lazy, chilled out one who was a friend with the sun 

a muncher for all things green

and just a beautiful, beautiful girl. You'll always be missed my love! 
Millions of kisses to you from earth to heaven.

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p.s. I know it's supposed to be insta-thursty today, but there was too much going on this week that I'll have to make next week a double! Stay tuned :)

Monday, 22 April 2013

Crème caramel

This is the story of a truly magnificent recipe I found and have fallen in love with.
Quite a while ago, I had planned on making some soup and bought a carton of single cream with me back home. Somehow, taking out the blender to make the soup seemed like a bigger task than boiling milk and cream and placing ramekins full into the oven.

Creme caramel -

I have never been a huge fan of creme caramels and I know it is a "crime" for me to judge these beautiful things after just trying a rather grim shop-bought one.

Creme caramel -

Surprisingly, these were not as hard to make as I expected! The egg did not curdle and everything went smoothly, with the kitchen smelling delicious from the warm custard. A win-win I'd say!

Creme caramel -

I had made crème brulees quite a while ago and although both were a little similar, I think these crème caramels were much much easier to handle in terms of the method and how easily it was to make it look and taste like the best homemade one.

Creme caramel -

I have found the recipe here, from the good 'ole bbc website and can I just say, it is an absolutely brilliant one. (I am really starting to wonder how many adjectives I have used in this post now!)

Creme caramel -

I served these with biscotti biscuits (shop bought - don't hate!) and if you would like to make your own, I have written a post on it some time back! They go great together and I love to dip them in the runny caramel - heaven. Or, you could just listen to the expert advice on the original recipe and crack on on making orange blossom biscuits with it.

Creme caramel -

There really are no excuses for these, most of the ingredients are probably sitting in your pantry now! This will definitely be on the cycle of repeat. Have a good week everyone!

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Insta-thursty: Week 10

I haven't been keeping up with Insta-thursty recently, although there were many a times where I have been uploading onto instagram (you can find me @hevs_). Here goes my most recent photos, starting from the easter holidays!

Cafe Rouge, a warm and cosy place I went to for lunch on Easter Sunday

The beautiful beautiful sunset in Kingston by the riverside

This was not a photo I had posted onto instagram, however I love how the neon lights had turned out from the effects :)

This wasn't posted onto instagram either, but what's not to love than the contrasting colours on my birthday cupcakes?!

stepping stones in Boxhill

nail stamping fun and an angry bird nail - how classy.

It's a wish come true! My amazing friends got me a polaroid camera for my birthday last week - cannot wait to start using it :P (I've also got a bit of posting to do from my birthday!)

I love tiny signs of spring like these little blue flowers!

Hope you all had a good week, the weekend is coming soon!


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

DIY: A party through the mail

DIY: party through the mail -

Rainbows make me oh-so-happy, and I'm sure anyone who receives a rainbow through their letterbox (found here) would smile with much more glee! One of my good friends has moved to California and it is a shame I cannot party with her here and now.

DIY: party through the mail -

To solve this, I decided to pack a party into an envelope and send it to her across to the other side of the world. (Oh, and I had so much fun editing this one! - I love the effect of a spectrum of colours and the glow from the rainbow :))

DIY: party through the mail -

Every party must need balloons. I shoved a few in a large envelope - some metallic, pearly ones and some with "16" marked  on them.

DIY: party through the mail -

Party bag games like sliding puzzles are a must too - especially for 16 year olds. sarcasm if you thought i was actually being serious ;) Party blowers and chocolate were happily thrown in... 

DIY: party through the mail -

I also brought some angel delight - I don't think they're very common on american pudding shelves, I'm not sure on that one; but I'm certain she would appreciate some classic british goods :P I folded an origami heart to package in some love, along with a pink candle for the celebratory mood and the rainbow birthday "card". And here's my party in an envelope, ready to be mailed off!

Happy sweet 16 hun! x

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

1 Year.

It's been 1 year without you.

This time last year, your pain had been lifted away.

You're in heaven now, with God.

I'm sure you're having fun in carrot land.

Thank you for bringing me so much joy these past 8 years.

Thank you for cheering me up when I'm sad.

I love the way your ears flopped.

I love the way your whiskers twitched.

I still remember my fingers running through your soft fur like it was just yesterday.

I love you forever Maisy.

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