Tuesday, 28 October 2014

be still and know.

rushing to school, consumed in work, go home, socialise on your media platforms, scribble down your homework, read a book, have your dinner and drink your tea.
when do we ever get the chance to just sit and admire the work of God? the blue sky He painted, the trees He made, the birds He moulded and blew fresh life into....
reflect. thank God for everything, everyday.
be still and know He is God.

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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Croatia: part 3

carrying on with my story of croatia.... visit part 1 and part 2.

the beautiful archaic streets

day 5// unfortunately i've been struck ill and woke up with a sore throat :(
nevertheless, we proceeded with a prayer walk this morning, visiting the town centre, church and market. as we walked back, the heat caught us; what better excuse for a good ice cream ^^

praying for the market

ice cream which are like vienesse put on a lolly stick!

this afternoon we were briefed before the first day of our UNA festival commenced! our aim was to hold three days of this event where we went into the roma village and spread the gospel and love of Christ through plays, songs and arts and crafts.

performing Jonah

we attracted a lot of children today - about 200! after performing our first play "jonah and the big fish", i got the privilege of leading group 7 where we gave out tshirts, made a jonah craft and coloured booklets. it was a very successful day i must say and ended up having dinner late at 9:30pm.

this little girl put my nickname on her shirt!! how cute!

for the first time of our stay, i didn't get ice cream that evening as my cough was getting so bad. oh wells, at least i had an early night!

sunset by the river.

day 6// i had a good ole lie in this morning till 9am and drank lemon honey to soothe my throat which was throbbing with pain D; we went out for grocery shopping and tried some burek, a traditional sausage roll pastry type food, super scrummy!

after lunch we gathered back for a debrief and according to some members of our team, i didn't look well at all. my temperature was taken and confirmed i had to be sent back to the apartment to rest. i was heartbroken i couldn't take part in todays UNA festival, but was prayed for and caught 3-4 hours of sleep.

i was awoken to dinner and caught up with my team over some cheesy pasta before debrief and followed by an ice cream walk - i'm back!!

day7// sunday today! after church and rescuing the cutest stray kitten ever, we went grocery shopping yet again as our rather large team consumes QUICK!

it's the last day of our UNA festival today and i managed to join - hooray! the kids had missed me so much and i got the chance to perform "the good samaritan" today. it was an extremely hot day and i got to say, the kids were so good listening and making tambourine crafts so enthusiastically!

as a tradition, we walked around the village with the kids to spread the love of God, however the blazing heat really got to me and it shattered me by the end! a lot of sweat mingling went on too as the kids held tightly to my hands.

dinner was carbonara and bacon, though i officially lost my voice that evening and was exempt from ice cream once again doh. that night we played banagrams until late late late - 2:20am!!

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014


wedding shabangs

football tournaments

haircut and kitties
addicted to this new game, ligretto

celebrating birthdays

snuggling in my zebra cardi

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Monday, 20 October 2014


i have been diving into illustrations from pinterest lately, mainly because i'm always looking for inspiration for drawings on the front of birthday cards. and well........september/october has been busy months of birthday celebrations!

here are a couple on pinterest i love. you can see the other art pieces i've pinned on my board!





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Friday, 17 October 2014

Cheesy Egg Pots

eggs have always been a favourite food of mine. and so has cheese. so when i discovered these beauties, my heart skipped a beat! i've always loved the idea of making nice healthy breakfasts every morning, and pretend i do in my head when i start pinning breakfast photos on pinterest. but the choice between the snooze button and a good breakfast.......i mean...

anyhow, this post isn't to brag about how much i enjoy my sleep, but rather admiring these creamy pots. they sure have the health factor (handful of spinach, come on!) and they sure have the cheeeeeese factor!
feel free to change up the bases of these egg pots and put your own spin on it!

the flavour of the tomato purée came out the most when diving into this, probably because it's got a much stronger taste than the cheese i used. perhaps sprinkle some extra cheddar or mozzarella if you fancy a cheesier flavour and some tanginess. 

life has been busy lately with the building of our house extension, and we're now left with no hob and no sink. thankfully, i still have a halogen oven (almost a portable oven type gadget thing), so am able to at least cook up something scrummy for breakfast!! (oh, what a perfect time to decide not to snooze in!)

Cheesy Egg Pots - makes 3

45g cooked spinach
1 slice ham
1 tomato
3 eggs
30g cream cheese with chives
3 tablespoons natural yoghurt
Salt and pepper to season

1. Layer your chopped tomato, ham/pepperoni and spinach at the bottom of the ramekins
2. crack one egg into each ramekin
3. divide the cream cheese and yoghurt amongst each ramekin
4. bake at 160C fan/180 for about 15 mins
5. season and serve hot!
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Monday, 13 October 2014

apple puff pastries.

so.........still no oven. and hob. and sink. but we're hanging on and patience is a virtue! our house extension is coming along and there is a glimpse of the roof finally coming on. it's all about finding whatevers in the fridge and manipulating it in some way or form till it's edible these days. if you can't find bread, well make-do with instant noodles.

and as for today, i discovered a block of frozen puff pastry and used it to my advantage! this is so so simple to make, considering i managed making it in the one liveable room of the entire downstairs right now.
simply roll your puff out thinly on a floured surface, cut into squares, spread whatever you find on it (nutella/peanut butter/apricot jam), arrange some thinly sliced apples and dust some cinnamon sugar if you're feeling extra fancy! bake for 18-20 mins at 210C until golden and puffed up; finish with a dusting of icing sugar!

i've been missing out on a lot of baking recently, and so took up this rare opportunity to experiment with different pastry flavours, cuts, folds and designs (inspired by pinterest ofc!). what a blessing to be able to have the aroma of fresh pastry wafting round the house after far too long!

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