Sunday, 31 May 2015


obsessed with sausages for breakfast

bloomin' marvellous flowers

first time making my momentous 'X' and sticking it in the ballot box

even more flowers.

still going strong with my runs following my new years resolution!

noodle shopping with dad.

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Insta-Thursty: Week 22

last day of school ever!!!

failed attempt of ombre cupcakes for lou's birthday

pancake mondays with my sister

tbt of sky gardens with kelly. see more here!

farm day during the easter holidays with my wonderful family!

visiting horniman museum with kelly

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Monday, 25 May 2015

horniman museum and gardens

after our epic time photo-shooting round sky gardens (click here to see the post), kelly and i ventured out to the glorious horniman museum!

to say the least, it was a mini trek to get to, but i'm proud we arrived in one piece and managed to climb up the hefty hill for some rather nice photos!

not only did we have fun wandering around the gardens, we also went on the animal walk and got a selfie opportunity with two llamas!!

the day was simply gorgeous and we could not have wished for better weather, knowing rainy england! i'm also so pleased we got to explore the grounds, as the last time i visited was on a school trip and all we got to see was the museum with a giant walrus statue.

we originally wanted to visit the aquarium, however we found out we had to pay, and as typical low budget students, we gave that a pass to enjoy the sunshine!

also, have i mentioned how fantastically yummy this vanilla and coconut flavoured propercorn is???

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Saturday, 23 May 2015

the last ever day of school.

obligatory whole year selfie. (i'm right in the middle!)
the time has come to move on. goodbye to school, and hello to the next chapter in life!

my beautiful form!

though i've only been at this school for two years since moving for sixth form, it has been a pleasure getting to know all of these wonderful people, and building some amazing friendships!

 our year group has been planning muck up day since day 1 - creating a giant whatsapp group consisting of about 30 people and organising meetings during our study periods. however, to say the least, our plans did not quite work out except our 11am conga round the school and into the staff room (cheeky!)

cheeky staff room selfie
these mere two years has had its fair share of ups and downs, and i definitely wouldn't have got by them without these people. i think it is safe to say that it is the people which makes a school - not its building, its achievements or its name - but its people. 

my amazing (and extremely clever) history class

my cute yas
histo bud hannah
the sweetest lottiekins who likes the filter 'instant'

and of course suzy - my regular gal to attend law lectures and court hearings with!

 these friends and teachers have all helped me get by the horrors of alevel and exams, and without them, my road to the next step in life would've been a lot harder! so thank you, and thanks God!

what better way to end the last day of school than with two large pizzas eh?

 good luck girls, i'll sure miss every single one of you. it will be a difficult next few weeks as we revise and sit our exams...but we'll all do smashing and have bright futures ahead. xox

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

life lesson #3: second chances

second chances are most of the time good, however exerts much greater pressure on you; you feel the need to do even better this time, and to complete what you missed out on.

second chances are not impossible, but rare, and something you take with gratitude and with relief

second chances are so much more precious.

second chances make you realise your past wrongs, and gives you the ability of hindsight to do even better this time round.

today i got a second chance to retake my maths exam from last year. to say the least, i had a lot more pressure this time round as not only is this my second chance in doing it again, but most probably my last too if i wish to go to uni next year. the pressure is on for the next couple of weeks as i tune out of procrastination (or try), and in to revision!

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Friday, 1 May 2015

sky garden.

few weeks back during the easter holidays, kelly and i decided to meet up for our annual photoshoot. (see more here, here, here and here) kelly suggested to go sky garden: literally a garden up high! located in monument, london, this was such a beautiful place to take pictures.

initially we thought even one hour would be too long to spend around this place as it was quite small. however we ended up spending perhaps even double this time as the lighting was amazing and there weren't a lot of people around, allowing us to experiment and take our time!

^^ kelly's amazing capture of my reflection! ^^

the architecture is absolutely amazing - i just love the linear, modern look the glass gives.

the trees were fun to experiment with too! the leaves had nice patterns which gave an edge to the photos.

not only was it beautiful to walk around and take pictures of inside, the view was just as good!!! i wouldn't say the weather was that great, but stunning images still came out of it! (or it was either kelly's amazing photography :P)

this was probably one of my most favourite photoshoots - the light was to die for as it was entirely a glass building. plus the colours from the trees were so fresh and vibrant! oh and also, this was an indoor garden so my hair didn't get blown away, and we weren't freezing to get our perfect shot either ;)

we visited and photographed at many places that day (as usual) and hopefully i'll have time to blog about them soon as these exams are driving me m-a-d!

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