Tuesday, 7 June 2016

coming home!

s block - where memories were made.
a day after i finished my exams, my parents' 3 week holiday in hong kong came to an end and they flew back to england. the following saturday, once they had rid their jetlag, my dad and sister drove all the way to southampton for my big move out of uni.

i still can't believe first year has gone just like that! 

and when i say big move, i mean BIG. living on the top floor has been great, but when it comes to carrying boxes and suitcases worth of stuff it becomes not so great. it took absolutely ages to shuffle my years worth of random things, clothes i didn't even wear, pots and pans, heaps of books and 2 printers into the car. we ended up finding an abandoned trolly at the bottom of the stairs which we used to carry everything to the car. 
i had also promised my friend to carry some of his stuff too as he is an international student so couldn't possibly bring back everything with him - but i could only end up carrying his duvet and printer as the car was so jam-packed!

rice rice babyyyy

uni life had been the most amazing to say the least, but it's good to be home especially with mummy's cooking waiting for me! life is good when you get an array of deliciously marinated and fried up dishes every meal time with your rice. 


the next day, i was back in central london for church. i met up with minnie and karen to catch up at breakfast before going to our service.

mum got me a new fish eye lens for my phone camera from hong kong!

for lunch, the parents took the family out in chinatown where dudeeeee, i ate dumplings to my hearts content.

yumcha remains my favourite cuisine till this day.

i got a quick haircut in chinatown after that for the summer and then popped back to church as my parents wanted to chat to some friends.

i had missed a spot of pamper during my revision and party days at uni, so when i returned home i threw on this face mask to find it being the most amusing thing ever.

mummy then later presented me the gifts she brought back from hong kong including this beauty of a laptop case,

and all this high-end makeup from my auntie!!!

i am a spoiled egg.

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Thursday, 2 June 2016

party till the sun rise.

exams are finally over!!!! we are free birds!

law gals!

with the lawyers-in-the-making being one of the first to finish their exams, we have no option but to party with ourselves. before we had even started our first exams, we had already planned this party.

our cute group of law flat mates in s block.

we all headed to our friend carlo and teresa's place for pre-drinks on the monday where we took pictures galore and drank till we forgot about the stress and worries, and the homeless lifestyle we were living for the last month.

nikki, my best gal friend in southampton

this first night of returning back to the party life became one of the messiest nights in the end. nikki and i ended up leaving early to take our drunken friend home. bear in mind we are two tiny girls and the guy we had to take home was quite a large chunky guy.

as we walked up the stairs to his flat, he lost his balance and toppled over me - we ended up falling down the stairs together, except i also cushioned him at the bottom. our mate ended up passed out on the stairs and we had to bang on his flat door at 2am for a guy to come out in his boxers to rescue him.

catching our chicken mayos became the highlight of our night
needless to say, this was a night to remember - especially as i woke up with streaks of purple bruises and 3 cuts down both my legs the next day.

the next night, we were out again. although i was officially a cripple (yes, the bruises are still here after 1 whole week), it was my flat mate divyam's last night in southampton before he flew back to india for 4 months and so of course i had to come out.

^pre drinks with my two cuties from my ends. we are soooo going on a double date when we get back to london.^

we decided this was going to be a chilled night - we didn't drink much and just spent the evening talking, bantering and cutting shapes together.

zack, on the other hand, got a bit too out of control and got extremely drunk...

^know what i'm talking about now??^

of course, another mcdonalds meal to end our night out. we all voiced how incredibly sad we were at the fact we wouldn't be close to a mcdonalds next year as we move out of halls :(
we love you, tasty cheese balls especially at 3am.

making full use of the week i had left, nikki and i partied at the city centre, buying bags worth of clothes which, of course, we needed not wanted.

and to end my last afternoon, i caught up with my girlfriends over some student-friendly mcflurries after we kind of broke our bank from all the shopping we had done. 

oh southampton, you've been good to me. time to rest that liver of mine!

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