Saturday, 30 July 2016

crossrails roof garden, canary wharf.

a photoshoot with kelly was long overdue and after many times trying to organise a date, we are finally reunited! unfortunately due to the level of spontaneity of our date we both had not charged our cameras and so we resorted to using our phones. not bad though considering kelly's photography skills!

who knew canary wharf had such a hidden gem in it! this open rooftop garden is perfect for the summer. kelly and i went to m&s to grab a light lunch and sat amongst these plants to dine.

the garden didn't have many people either except a few in suits so it was perfect to get some shots without people in the background.

this place is definitely worth a visit if you're looking for a free photography spot in london.

oh canary wharf, you're such a beauty!

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Thursday, 28 July 2016

blessed sundays.

starting off with a mcdonalds breakfast as always.

met roadman eds for our hash brown sundays

walking with the boys to the park for some football after service. yina and i simply bought sushi and ate.

date with loklok afterwards in covent garden 

waterloo bridge in the summer breeze.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

summer snapshots.

dad trying to be in trend with his diy ripped jeans. (it was an accidental rip btw)
cooling off with a ice cream sandwich.
my new obsession - shopping on depop. just grabbed this vintage levi's jacket!
my secondary school friend joen came over to chill and we ended up playing with makeup
makeovers don't seem to have much effect on me
our spread.

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Sunday, 24 July 2016

nottingham 3.

on the last day of our stay in nottingham, yina took us to a contemporary art museum in town.

the space was wonderfully minimalistic and everywhere was made to be instagrammed.

in one of the rooms that we entered, we saw loads of black balls laid on the floor and with loklok being dora the explorer, he climbed up the scaffolding behind us to find that the balls created a cool piece of art.

the layout of these balls were supposed to mimic a labour factory.

other pieces of art included this grand piano which played by itself!

and an interactive piece using coloured lights.

the artist of this mirror used a chemical reaction to create a photo on the surface - you can just about see it on loksze's shirt!

after wandering about the air-con filled rooms, we went to grab lunch at wetherspoons and were headed to the train station.

nottingham, you've been more than good to us especially with your sunny greetings. we'll be back for sure!

back in warwick.

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Thursday, 21 July 2016

nottingham 2.

we spent the next day trying not to be too hungover and got up at 2pm to explore more of this gorgeous city. we got lunch at the timeout cafe which can be found by a small door in a busy high street. when you open the door, you only see a flight of stairs, but once you go up..... discover this little gem!!

this place sells affordable gourmet food such as carbonara rice cakes along with drinks such as pandan tea and taro milk tea. we also had a blast playing with the board games they provided amongst the pretty aesthetics.

yina took us around this shopping centre which looked absolutely stunning.

we then stopped by some artwork and graffiti along this wall where loksze found a light switch and was warned by some guys smoking on a bench not to press it as he'll get electrocuted. 

nottingham is mostly cute houses along the streets, extremely hill-y and quite clean for a town. or perhaps that is the case because i compare it to london which is so litter filled.

visiting the arcade.
in the evening, we went to a thai restaurant which also had beautiful aesthetics. the atmosphere was so calm and we chose to sit outside to enjoy the gentle evening breeze though it was already 9:30pm and the waiter was telling us the kitchen is about to close.

nevertheless, the food was top notch. perhaps the best curry fried noodles i've ever had.

even if you're not dining, this restaurant is great for grabbing some drinks and chilling on the rooftop with some mates. plus there is student discount!

the night ended with some gentle strolls around the town square..

 ...and this underground beer pong place!

before we got our pint and ping pongs however, we decided to cop some ciders instead and jam at a house party - just when we thought we weren't gonna be hungover.

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